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Last update May 01 2016

The month of April begins well, even here in Florida spring arrived. After all the rain the sun is abundant again. Because of this shrubs and trees are in full bloom. Wonderful to see and smell the scent of flowers, heavy in the air. The temperature is good, not too hot, nor too cold. Life is perfect.
Today, April 1st, we cycle to Juno Beach, which lies about 10 km north of where JoHo is anchored.
We stop several times to walk on the beaches. The pier is the end for today, we decide to cycle back after a 7-mile ride.

Next day is Heritage Day in North Palm Beach. "Fun in the Sun in Anchorage Park". On our bikes we ride about 3 kilometers south. Closer to the location we see a lot of parked cars and police regulate traffic. There is no entrance fee for this little event and all attractions are one dollar. Except for the beer, that's four attractions in one John remarks.
The park is what we would say a small carnival in Europe, with dining, a live stage, and demonstrations are given in martial arts. We are just in time for the karate group.
It is oppressively muggy and occasionally there is splash of rain. During our shelter under the big tent we look at a local artist singing. Around four pm we decide to go back, in the distance we see approaching a pitch-black sky, that is something we would like to sit out on the boat. We're back just in time, the wind picks up, thunder sounds and it starts to rain, time to catch some water again.

There also occur other, (for us) pretty exciting things on our anchorage. The boat anchored next to us / behind us sinks in a few days' time. Police has already come and watch a couple of times, but they do nothing, private property rights are a great thing in this country. This boat is a long time at anchor, we've seen it in December at the same place and we didn't see anyone on that boat.
Just before the ship actually sinks John quickly hangs a marker on it, so at least we know where exactly the boat is located down on the bottom.
After a few days we see a small diveboat with three men, one old man who thanks us for placing the marker (how did-he know this?) and then anchor behind us to start retrieving the sunken boat. It takes all day to complete, but just before the sun goes down we see the boat floating again and that is weird.
The owner turns out to be the healthy 80-year-old man standing on the diveboat, he oversees the work and gives orders. The following days he's busy recovering his boat. Is 80 the new 50 ???

Two "old friends" from the Caribbean come over on a Sunday afternoon aboard JoHo for a sundowner. John and Shirley (SY Khaya Moya) from South Africa are waiting here in Lake Worth Lagoon for a good weather window to the Bahamas.
We have met them in Grenada for the first time, they were our neighbors for a week there. Now we are here together again. It is fun and it is around midnight they go back to their boat. In a slightly drunken state, John had one last bottle of something. I keep my fingers crossed that they don't fall in the water, happy it's only a hundred yards to their boat.

Wednesday April 13th JoHo finally moves again. We leave Lake Worth Lagoon and motor across the Intracoastal Waterway to Peck Lake. We pass seven drawbridges on this stretch.
Past noon we arrive in Peck Lake, there are two other boats. There are some very shallow areas where you need to watch out for when you go to anchor here, but the wind will blow from the same angle for today and tomorrow so we will be fine.
After achoring we take plenty of time for a late lunch aboard before we go ashore to stretch our legs. After a short beach hike we go back, as the sun begins to set and the no-see-ums (tiny almost invisible insect) come out in drones, and they bite. It is so bad with the bugs that we decide to leave for Stuart first thing next morning.

April 23rd is my birthday and we have a rental car for the weekend. Nice to go driving around a bit. We stop at the St. Lucie lock and go to Indiantown to confirm our arrangement with the marina. We have lunch at a Japanese place, so delicious, sushi. I had a great Birthday.
The next day we go to our friend Penny in Vero Beach, we'll help her with setting up an online store. Another great weekend.

In the St. Lucie river in Stuart we will remain at anchor until early May. This is the best place we can prepare JoHo for the hardstanding in Indiantown. She must be completely stripped. Sails off, everything needs to be put in the boat. As long as the temperature is still good, we work on JoHo every day. By the end of April it gets hotter and hotter, but fortunately most jobs are completed.
Now the countdown really starts for our flight to the Netherlands.


I finished a special photobook, about our travels 10 years JoHo's travel from 2001 to 2011.
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John and Jolanda

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