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Last update March 03 2016

In the first week of February we leave for another scenery. The weather is stable for the next few days. On sail we leave Marsh harbbour and sail to Elbow Cay. Tahiti Beach is where we drop anchor.
These are wonderful days. We cycle around the island, in Hopetown we encounter Ray and Wanda SY Wind Dancer, old friends. They sail over to Tahiti Beach and throw out their anchor next to JoHo later that day. Walking on Tahiti Beach with its beautiful pinkish beach we meet Tamie, Lisa and Tamie's dog Beef (a dog that lives up to his name). We click and Tamie invites us for sundowners at her home at Lubbers Quarters. Turns out they're neighbours of Bart and Marjolein there, what a little world it is. Later that day we take our dinghy to her house and get a great reception from Beef (and the ladies of course). It is a top evening with snacks, drinks, food and lots of fun.

After these wonderful days we sail back to Marsh Harbour where we will spend some time because of the weather again. Here JoHo is protected from strong west winds while in the meantime we can spend our time worth while. We can do small boat jobs here, including sanding and varnising the woodwork. Sanding we do outside, varnising happens inside. In between jobs we get parts and groceries, cycle, walk and surf on the intenet.

On February 17th we finally leave Marsh Harbour again after a period of (relative) cold, rain and strong winds. We sail to Great Guana Cay. In Fisher's bay we throw our anchor, lunch on board.
When the anchor is well set we go ashore with our bicycles. The island is big enough to cycle a few hours. We cycle almost the whole island, there is one exception; Baker's Bay. They have a gate at the entrance of Baker's Bay resort. This area is now a private area. Unfortunately, no access to the 18 hole golf course and 200 slips marina but for members.
Upon returning aboard JoHo we decide to move the boat. With west winds it's starting to be a little rough at the anchorage. Time to go to Settlement Harbour around the corner, where we will spend the night.

Next day we leave early from Settlement Harbour and we sail to Elbow Cay. There is a decent wind. Today we anchor at Hopetown, not inside but outside the lagoon. The lagoon is full of moorings, all of which are occupied because of the Patrick Davis Hopetown Singer/Songwriters festival. It's already been two days underway and we hope to get in on the last days.
In the afternoon we go with our dinghy inside the lagoon to find out where and when the next festival event will be.
Just before we dock our dinghy we see a yellow catamaran with a sign "Woods Design". We've seen that before, but now know that Richard Woods is actually on that boat. Richard Woods is a famous catamaran designer. So we knock on this boat and say hello as Richard Woods welkomed us. John starts to talk about building boats and he invites us to take a look on this boat.
We tell him we know Jos, a dutch guy who built a Woods catamaran 25 years ago. What can the world be small, Richard still remembers Jos, even after all those years.
Later that afternoon we go ashore and find out that evening the event will be at the Hope Town Inn and Marina. At about eight we go in with a whole group (all sailors) to the festival. The setting is beautiful, white sandy beach, palm trees, the whole inner court is decorated with small lights. It is chilly outside but the music is really great. What we did not know is that the artists are already quite famous in the US. Especially in the country scene. This group of artists write their own songs and songs for others such as Antebellum, Jimmy Buffett, Hootie and the Blowfish and so on. And we can tell they are great performers themselves too.

On Friday we go to the Harbour's Edge for the nights' event, a bar in Hope Town. Roughly the same artists will perform again. We found JT Hodges, Morgan Myles, Django Walker and Patrick Davis the best that evening. Around eleven, the whole group, about 12 artists came on stage to sing the official song 'Hey Hope Town'. This is the first time we hear this song. Cheerful song, a song like that stays in your mind the whole time. Back in the boat we arestill humming this song.

On Saturday afternoon they play at Lubbers Quarters and in the evening at the Firefly Sunset Resort. Actually, we were planning to leave but decided to stay another day because of the festival.
We sail on to Lubbers Qurters for the afternoon session with JoHo and drop the hook right in front of Lubbers's Landing and then get stuck in the sand. We are the only sailboat and it looks as if it will stay that way, it is terribly shallow and no other boat gets near stuck JoHo. But we do not worry, because within 3 hours high tide will come.
The afternoon session begins, it's lovely weather with a faint sunshine. The day is perfect. Patrick Davis starts to sing 'something bout a boat' and points to our JoHo. Totally awesome.
Round five they quit, we go back to (floating!) JoHo and sail to Firefly on Elbow Cay, across Lubbers Quarters.
This is the last night for us, JoHo is nicely anchored at Firefly and we enjoy with many others once more a top evening that continues until late that night. This event comes highly recommended by us. If you are ever at Hope Town in February, have a look at this event.

Last week of February we are going to go back to Marsh Harbour again. We'll have some west winds, but after that it looks as though the weather remains fairly stable. Go to get some happy hours with Paul and Marianne SY Knot-ha-gan, Jesse and Sally SY Pyxis and Ray and Wanda SY Wind Dancer , in short everybody we met here and do some last minute shopping.
As at the end of February we will slowly sail towards the Northern islands again.



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