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Last update August 01 2013

The great migration of the sailors in the Caribbean has begun. Slowly sailboats, sailing in packs, go southward for hurricane season. Grenada and Trinidad appear to be relatively safe, almost outside the hurricane belt. Since we do not go back to Aruba as our interim jobs finished (they appear to have finally found permanent replacement) we now merely sail between the Grenada islands, real holiday-like.
After staying a while in Bequia and visiting a turtle sanctuary, we had some happy hours with new and old friends. We left on July 2th to the next island, named Canouan. The stay is of short duration, the anchorage is rolly and we would have left the same day did we not have an invitation for a sundowner on SY It's Perfect. Rod and Linda are not like the average typical American cruisers and that surely makes the conversations interesting and we had a lovely time.

After a short sleepless night we sailed towards the Tobago Cays National Park. After passing the reefs, we started the engine to pass between the islands. We sailed into paradise, clear blue-green, everywhere turtles. Just before the Horseshoe reef we dropped anchor and immediately after this operation the first bootboy announced himselve, then the second.
We were still outside talking when we
smelled something burning, and it's coming from our inside!!
The engine room is full of smoke and something burns!!
In the meantime I called on the VHF for our friends and packed a bag with passports and other important stuff.
Rene and Stacy boarded, John had found the problem. The solenoid of the kill switch didn't release, was overheated and smoldered and got to burning when Johnsaw it.
were fortunate that we found out in time, as polyester burns quickly.
repaired everything that same day. The rest of the days we enjoyed the Tobago Cays, we snorkeled with SY Pipe to see the many turtles there, walked on the small islands with their magnificent views, had happy hours in the evening on different boats. Realising how we missed this all the past year.

There are many more islands between the Tobago Cays and the mainland of Grenada. We checked out in Clifton on Union Island, then we sailed around the corner to Chatham Bay. Here we stayed until after the weekend, along with SY Pipe we enjoyed some "gold star days"on our boats, good food, drinks and clear starry nights not polluted by light. This is also the last bay of the Grenadines for us, we hop on to Grenada.

Monday July 8th we sailed in Hillsborough on Carriacou, this island belongs to Grenada. John checked us in, I stayed on JoHo. After this we sailed a bay further. In here, Tyrrel Bay we stayed a while as it is time to start doing some boat-jobs. There is a daytime breeze that makes it bearable. In between we have a relaxing day at the beach to cool off in the water while enjoying a beer and a coke along with SY Pipe and Cat Anne Bonnie.
speaking we try local stands which we alternate with boat BBQs. Life is sweet. Again we meet new people, amongst whom Harm and Lizzy of SY Horta who have been staying in the Caribbean for over ten years with their boat. They put their heart and soul to the children scholarship and do a lot for the fundraising. The only minus point in time is the emergence of tropical storn Chantel, always we question where she is going and will she become a hurricane? After consulting (the tragically slow) internet we see that she will pass far more north and will not jeopardize the area around Grenada.

On July 15 we leave this lovely place, we are on the way to Granada, but we come back at the end of this month with the Carriacou Regatta. Passing the underwater volcano Kick'm Jenny and sailing on the east side to our anchorage Grand Mal Bay together with SY Pipe. John goes along with Stacy and Rene to the underwater sculpture park. The images circle was designed by an artist and posted here. Rene makes beautiful underwater photos and we may use them on our site, thank you Rene and Stacy.

The next day we motor 5 nm to the capital St George's where we anchor again. This anchorage is very rolly too, but we welcome the opportunity to supply the boat. Furthermore, we explore St George's with SY Pipe and Cat Anne Bonnie. St George's was built between steep walls of an active volcano crater and is surrounded by fortifications.
he entertainment takes place mainly in Port Louis marina, happy hours in the pool, on the quay and in the restaurant. Here we see Lisa and Dave of SY Ke ola Kai again (and with these two people it's NEVER boring, that word does not occur in their vocabulary).

On July 20 we leave again, the anchorage is not our thing. It rolls in the extreme and I have a chronic sleep deprivation. Prickly Bay is the next anchorage, upon entering we see that it is busy here. We run two laps before we find a good spot. Here we do some of our jobs list and John shops for new anchor chain. The old one was very thin (6mm left between chackles). After a few days SY Pipe enters the bay as well and we ration shopping together, happy hours and even a dinghy full moon party on July 22.
Hartman Bay is the next we visit. Here we replaced the old chain for the new and no matter how well you have devised for this operation, everything always comes back to something you have not provided. So more work than anticipated, but new chain on the hook and in the drum after all, new surroundings and new neighbors, Ray and Barrett of SY Astarte. Some further away SY It's Perfect is there too and we enjoy each other's company while enjoying a drink at the marina.
facebook stay connected with the others and as we walk to Marina Pricky Bay for the film "Eye of the hurricane'' of SY Te Natura, we're together with Cat Anne Bonnie and SY Crazy Krickett to look at the home movie of this natural disaster. Wise lesson, those people tried, but the best possible place is certainly the mangroves we now know for sure.

Sunday July 28, we are back to sailing through the east of Grenada, we go up north and make a stop at White Island to sail to Tyrrel Bay for the Regatta next day. The next day we meet our friends in Tyrrel Bay, SY ola ke Kai, SY Island Dream, SY Pipe, we only miss Storyville. But let the regatta party start.


I finished a special photobook, about our travels 10 years JoHo's travel from 2001 to 2011.
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And if you're interested in sailing the BAHAMAS, BERMUDA, MALDIVES, BONAIRE or SURINAME have a look at our books at SAILADVENTURES where the books are available online.
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Current position

JoHo is on anchor in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, Grenada at 12°27'3 N - 61°29'3 W.


Sailing the Caribbean mainly. As poor JoHo has been neglected somewhat lately, we are looking for a place to haul out and get some jobs done.
Our floating home and office is always ready for us to work for ourselves as writers and editors compiling cruising guides on our way.
We'll see how things will run, life's too complicated to plan anyways. Live life to the max, it can be over before you know it is our slogan.

John and Jolanda