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Last update November 02 2012.

Life on land is repetitive, I'm working full time with my own company SailAdventures. The website must be renewed, a facebook page must be created for SailAdvenures. Office-work. The time that remains is used for our new book Cruising Guide to Dutch Guyana called 'Pleasant Suriname', which I hope to have ready before the end of November. Meanwhile, we are collecting data for a cruising guide to Aruba too. In the weekend of the 6th and 7th of October we enjoy a bit of sailing at Aruba and we anchored at the High Rise hotel strip. After some major maintenance of JoHo we relax. We love living aboard. Duly noted that our poor old JoHo needs a little more TLC. On Sunday we turned back to the Anabui residence on Tierra Del Sol, tired but satisfied.

In the weekend of 13th and 14th of October, we did some sightseeing because as there was absolutely no wind staying aboard was out of the question. We went to the Casibari rock formation in the middle of the island. It is the second popular attraction next to the collapsed Natural bridge. The rocks have unique shapes by erosion, they don't know where these rocks come from but they suspect that by collisions of tectonic plates land was pushed up and vulcanic activity spat out these rocks. The view is great, Oranjestad is clearly visible and the Hooiberg (165 m) is visible on the other side. The whole environment is super green, we had massive rain recent days.
Later that day we went to the Northeast where we visited the white dunes. This area of Aruba with the California Lighthouse is named after the sunken ship ''the California'' in front of the coast. The dunes are wonderful with a calm view on the normally so rough coast. Because there was no wind for days, the water was almost a mirror. With our feet in the water along the beach and that is uncommon on the rugged northeast side of Aruba.

Nature on Aruba is almost the same as on the islands of Curacao and Bonaire. There are lot of cacti everywhere, occasionally you see a particular one between them. Birds enough on the whole island and you hear them especially after a big rainstorm. The Shoco (Burrowing) Owl is an endangered species that only can be found on Aruba. Aruba Birdlife Conservation proposes 2012 to be the Year of the Shoco, the year of wisdom. 2012 should be Aruba’s year of nature conservation, we haven't seen much of that.
The Shoco's are small owls with high bare legs and they nest in holes dug in the ground. I was waiting for months to view a Shoco, there was a nest in the area, but I couldn't take any pictures of this particular animals, untill one quiet afternoon. I was super lucky, as a real BBC photographer I waited for hours at a short distance. After three hours of patience I finally got my photo of the Shoco Owl. On my way home I even found a big toad on the edge of the field. The animal remained calm until I came too close, one jump and gone was the toad.

Every Friday night we go out, standard repetition but a nice one. We usually begin at Cafe 080, this Cafe is a nice place to start the evening (as the owners are from Nijmegen, my home town). John even got the T-shirt... Usually we remain normal untill one o clock, then I want to go to bed, but Friday October 19th, we made an exception and stayed untill 03: 00 to close the cafe. Afterwards the whole team went to a local Snack for local food. 04:00 home and John, Marcel and Petra had to work next day at 08:00, me was sleeping late. :-)

And finally, a difficult job well done (if I might say so myself). It is late October and the website www.sailadventures.nl is totally refreshed and it finally looks professional now. Also the SailAdventures facebook page was created, but this I will need to study further on this as it doesn't seem to be straight-forward.
Last but not least, upcoming month will be the last month of the year that we will be on Aruba. On december 2th, we will (read have to) leave Aruba because our 180 days are finished. In November we are going to make JoHo ready for our trip to Puerto Rico. We will do the maintenance of JoHo in Puerto Rico or in St Maarten (or have it done).

I finished a special photobook, about our travels 10 years JoHo's travel from 2001 to 2011.
Curious ? Then click the link.
And iIf you're interested in sailing the BAHAMAS, BERMUDA, MALDIVES or BONAIRE have a look at our books at SAILADVENTURES where the books are available online.
You can always mail us for more info on these cruising grounds or cruising in general, we'll gladly help you out.


Current position

JoHo is at anchor in Cas di Paloma, Aruba at 12°29,6' N - 70°00,9' W.


Sailing the Caribbean and meanwhile JoHo will be our main address away from our main address, our floating office and home for the remainder of this year.
ave some assignments in between where and when possible, we may also compile a few cruising guides on our way.
We'll see, life's too complicated to plan anyways. Live life and plan the rest is what we say.

John and Jolanda