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Last update April 30 2012.

We stayed a little longer in Simpson Bay Lagoon than intended. On april 2nd JoHo was the only boat of the group that went out of the Lagoon to Baie de Grand-Cas. We enjoyed being anchored in a different environment. The Group said to come for the last Mardi Grass in Grand Cas on Tuesday, and they did, the group came by bus. We had a lots of beers, good food, good company and a grand parade. The ladies in the parade were bodypainted, very colorful and eye-candy for the guys. Again we had a lot of fun.
We decided after we listened to the weather forecast to go back into the lagoon. They expected a swell of over 3 meters and wind from the wrong direction, so alas no Anguilla for us this time. Once back in the lagoon we went to happy hours (again), eating shoarma (again) and generally having lots of fun with Pat, Darnell, Deana, Troy, Rene and Stacy.

On Eastermorning we had breakfast on the boat, of course with some painted eggs. Later that day we went to the hotel where Rene's Mom stayed. The whole group was invited to meet and greet Rene's Mom and that afternoon we enjoyed our time at the swimming pool. Rene and Stacey organised a potluck in the appartment and everyone created something for dinner, so in the evening we had a good dinner with all our friends. Such a successful day, it felt like a holiday.
The days that followed we enjoyed the pool several times and Stacy and Rene even let us use the washingmachine and dryer, available in the appartment, what a luxery.
Our farewel evening is an Italian potluck, we left the day after that, but we sang we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when... .
Thanks guys for a really lovely time together.

Simpson Bay, St Maarten

Our first destination after leaving SXM was Saba Island, another Dutch island. We had to anchor out in Well's Bay, all moorings were taken.
In the morning we tried to land with our dinghy on Saba but the swell made (dry) landing impossible and we didn't want to wreck our dink. Disappointed we went back to JoHo, on board we made the decision to go on to Statia as the rolling motion didn't favor another night at anchor.
No wind made us motor all the way to the next Dutch island, Statia. We arrived in the afternoon in Oranjestad at St.Eustatius (Statia). We picked up a mooring and after a little lunch on board we went ashore for a steep walk up to Fort Orange. This 17th century and well maintained fort stands in the upper city. While we visited the fort, the sky got pitch black and after a while it started to rain, well pour really, so we waited in a Chinese bar with a beer in our hands. As the beer wasn't cold it was still raining when we left, the streets were flooted. The rain kept on all night.
Our anchorage got a rolling hell at nighttime as the wind dropped completely and the swell came in from SouthWest, so we left very very early in the morning, a second night's rest shot. Again no wind, so we motored the way to the island of St Kitts, to Whitehouse Bay, the anchorage on St Kitts where we sat out the bad weather.

It was blowing quite a bit for several days just after we dropped anchor, but the anchorage in Whitehouse bay was a good place to be, so we stayed. When we saw we were secure we decided for a walk on the Island of St Kitts. We followed the road along the salina, and saw wild monkeys everywhere, I made some pictures and film of them. At Cockleshell beach we stopped in a Reggea-bar before we went back to the boat, good food and nice music.
Next day we went to Banana bay, at Cockleshell beach by boat, together with Dave from MV Cross Seas and Jenny and Kevin from SY Vagabundo. We stayed only one night, wanted to catch the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.

English Harbour, Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, Antigua

April 19th, time to go to Antigua for the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. We sailed the whole lap close hauled in one tack in 10 hours, 60+NM, not a bad day to Falmouth Harbour. In Falmouth Harbour we were hailed by Ronne of SY Bo the minute we entered the bay and were invited that night at SY Friends to enjoy the company of our friends from our Surinam period.
Later that week we were invited on SY Bo to watch the Regatta from the start with most of the boats we met in the Surinam, as SY Lola and SY Tahiram joined us on this trip. I took a lot of beautiful pictures and film.
In Antigua there was a party on shore that we enjoyed almost every night. As David and Jenny and Kevin caught up with us we enjoyed much of the Regatta time on shore with them. Sometimes Bouke and Ronne and Lieke and Inge of SY Bo came along.

Last weeks John mailed and talked with some employers for a possible assignment for him that he thinks interesting so we made new plans to fit them in. First we sailed back to St Maarten to stock up and to say hello to our US friends and of course to enjoy some really good time with them again. May first we will sail to the BVI's to meet Kevin and Karen of SY Windigo III and if John gets a confirmation of the appointment we'll probably go in one straight line down to Roques/Avis/Bonaire and Aruba.

If you're interested in sailing the BAHAMAS, BERMUDA, MALDIVES or BONAIRE have a look at our books at SAILADVENTURES where the books are available online.
You can always mail us for more info on these cruising grounds or cruising in general, we'll gladly help you out.


Current position

JoHo is at anchor in Simpson Bay Lagoon, St Martin at 18°02,9' N - 63°05,8' W.


To go off again and sail to less explored areas and generally nice cruising grounds, maybe begin the start of a circumnavigation (although to circumnavigate is not the goal).
JoHo will be our main address, floating office and home for this year.
till we'll have to work some in between where and when possible, we may compile a few cruising guides on our way.

John and Jolanda