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Last update April 02 2011.

Saying goodbye is always hard. We left Bonaire on Friday, April 1st, no joke. After many months of work and fun in Bonaire we flew back again to the Netherlands. We want to thank all people we (got to) know for the lovely time on Bonaire, until we meet again. As it's a small world nowadays we look forward to see all of you again one day.

Next to his work at Plaza Resort Bonaire, John found time to participate in the quarterly Bonaire Underwater Clean Up Dive organized by Dive Friends Bonaire and other sponsors. On each Clean Up Dive, a different area of Bonaire's coastal reefs or beaches is selected and any trash which has not become part of the reef is collected. Afterwards we had a potluck BBQ. Besides a good cause it was a nice event as well and we encourage each of the resorts and dive schools on the island to organise and participate in this kind of events, as they should realise it not only keeps the reefs clean, it also builds reputation and respect (and that in fact generates returning visitors).

With some of Johns' colleagues from Plaza Resort Bonaire, we rented a catamaran (and skipper Randy) for a daysail out on the Caribbean Sea and to Klein Bonaire. Sailing in the bay and following the coastline of Bonaire, snorkeling a little bit, the sailing to Klein Bonaire. We finished the day at one of the a little 'snacks' as the tiny local restaurants are called, had an excellent chinese meal over there. Superb.

And let's not forget the annual carnaval festivals on Bonaire. Always good to be on the island then, better to have a beer in the sun than at below freezing in the Netherlands. The people are nicer dressed then as well, more like the pictures from Rio. But I can imagine you put some more clothes when in sub-zero...

The icing on the cake these months however was the walk with Anne and Peter to the 'dutch mountain' Brandaris. In Washington Slagbaai National Park, near the northwestern shore you find the 'mountain' Brandaris, but the peak is a good place to take in the sweep of the island and the curve of the Caribbean horizon. It took us a1,5 hour hike to this highest peak on Bonaire, 241 m (784 ft.) high. This is a medium-difficulty climb, mainly due the heat at midday, and the view from the top is a really fantastic reward for making the trip. On a clear day you can see the island of Curaçao (46 km/25miles away from Bonaire), and on exceptionally clear days, the Santa Ana Hill in the Paraguaná Peninsula of Venezuela and the mountain range south of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.

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Now spring is in the air. We arrived in the Netherlands on a sunny morning in Amsterdam (24 degrees celsius) where John's parents picked us up. We are here only for four days and because of that we have a full agenda before we fly to our boat JoHo in Faro (Portugal) on Wednesday April 6th.
Joho is standing on the hard for 1,5 year now, so we're curious how she looks. We'll sail JoHo in front of the coast of Portugal during summertime and make plans from there. We're very excited to have an extended holiday and to set sail again.
From now on, around the 1st of the month we will write every month in English and Dutch again, so keep tuned.

If you're interested in sailing the BAHAMAS, BERMUDA, MALDIVES or BONAIRE have a look at our books at SAILADVENTURES where the books are available online.
You can always mail us for more info on these cruising grounds or cruising in general, we'll gladly help you out.


Current position

JoHo is on the hardstanding in Faro. Position 37°01,1' N - 07°56,3' W.
You can reach us by e-mail and cellphone +31 (0)6 139 789 26.


To use JoHo as a holiday address, most likely in the Mediterranean, but maybe we'll sail further around in the years to come.
Meanwhile work some in between where and when possible, saving a few bucks for our sailing trips.

John and Jolanda.