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Last update June 07 2010.

We're back in Holland, back in our own house in Maasbommel after a couple of months in Bonaire. We will mis the beautiful weather and the (re)new(ed) friends we made. Life in Bonaire is very relaxed and nobody is in a hurry, people are always smiling even when life is not what they expected. How different an attitude in the Netherlands.

We also finished fixing, refurnishing and redecorating our house in Bonaire, so it's new and we keep it freely available for family, friends and acquintances. If you want a good holiday destination, go to Bonaire and we will rent out our house to you for a good price. Just send us an e-mail or have a look at a special site (Rob built that one for us) over here.

We did a lot in our last month on Bonaire. We sailed as crew with the Blue Ocean to Aruba and back, crewing a ship a total new experience and I never sailed in this area. The sea was nasty and the wind came drop dead from behind, so the boat started to roll. My seasickness made the trip back inpossible, for the first time in my sailing career I decided to jump ship and fly back to Bonaire. John and captain Gerard sailed back together in 31 hours, not bad.
As I flew back to Bonaire via Curacao I felt like a spoiled brat and I'm still not proud of it, but I know now that I made the right decision.

Our last week was hectic, we said goodbye to a lot of lovely people. Packed our bags en enjoyed the last time swimming in the christal clear Caribbean sea. Rob and Ans brought us to the airport. We will mis these incredibly social people, you can read more about them and our 'Dushi Bonaire' over here.
With DAE (Dutch Antilles Express) we flew to Curacao and waited for our transfer flight to Amsterdam.

So now we're back in our house in Holland for a while.
We don't know our exact plan, lenght of stay in Holland and if we go to the boat this summer.
You'll read about it here, as we plan to update once a month.


Current position

JoHo is on the hardstanding in Faro. Position 37°01,1' N - 07°56,3' W.
Crew in the Netherlands.
You can reach us by e-mail and cellphone +31 6 13978926.


Use JoHo as a holiday address in the years to come.
Meanwhile work in between and save some for our next big sailing trip.

John and Jolanda.