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Last update October 17 2009.

Shame on us, we know we're far too late in our update this month. November will be here soon and you haven't even seen our September yet...

But honestly, we were too busy. At least at the time we should update around the change of months. September began tranquile enough, us at anchor near Olhao, in front of the island of Culatra enjoying the company of nice people and good, warm, dry, sunny weather (instead of that wet, moist, damp cold of the Azores) and cheap beer (even better priced than in the Azores, another highly valued item) and this made us stay for a few lazy weeks, we suddenly got into a kind of holiday-mood.

This mood kept with us as we got to the river Guadiana on the border of Spain and Portugal halfway September. The mega-party in Alcoutim we experienced probably did have something to do with that. After that and for a week we still did nothing that really mattered but hughely enjoyed the surroundings of the Guadiana river and then suddenly we had to prepare the boat for leaving, going back to the Netherlands September 29 for the 40-year wedding anniversary of my parents October 10. Now we're still in the Netherlands, parents in Kos, Greece (present of my sis+bf and us) and finally find time to put this update on the web.
The photo-album still has to be made though.

Hope you'll still be watching this site every now and then...


Current position

JoHo stayed behind in the marina in Ayamonte, we're in the Netherlands right now.
You can reach us by e-mail and +31613978926 (only if your number recognition is on though).


Wintering over on JoHo in southern Europe this year and use her as holiday address later on. Next year we'll probably return to the Netherlands to work again...

John and Jolanda.