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Last update August 30 2009.

Yesss, we've got an engine again, finally. Six weeks after picking it up at Pemar boats in the Netherlands the Portugese managed to get it out at Horta. What took them so long? No idea, I can only point to some mismanagement in their logistics chain... Well, the new engine then, it's a Lomarine (Isuzu based block, older model, made in China by Lomatec) and being an older model fits us perfectly. Almost as big as the old Perkins, it fits the rail and all without too much adaption. Everything about the engine looks solid and it runs like a sewing machine (bit noisy sewing machine at that, but very smooth). Got it in and running in three days, after that it was just reinstalling the galley, cleaning up and getting ready to go again. Seatrial during our trip to Santa Maria turned out fine, 30 hours non-stop running without problems. Well, the gearbox is pretty sticky as it won't go out of forward easily, but that could be just running in, we'll see. One more big plus, all serviceable parts are very well placed, easy to get at.
The guys at Pemar boats, Peter and Marc (hence Pemar I guess) are very helpfull and run a decent business, service being the keyword. You want more info on Pemar boats or their Lomatec engines, ask me and I'll gladly give a reference.

As the engine arrived late, we were in Horta during their 'Sea Week" which turned out to be a very big item and to be stuck here at the time wasn't bad at all. Lots of music, dancing, eating and drinking (only 50 eurocents for a beer!!) it was really amazing and good fun. Only thing was the weather, man that was crap. Rain and rain again. Made it pretty uncomfortable, cold and damp. But that didn't hold off Lea of S/Y Synergy to run the regatta and she asked if I wanted to go... sure! Second day Jolan joined the race as well and we got a bit more wind and thus action.

At the last day of the festival we left, motoring almost all the way to Santa Maria. Engine held up fine, running in for 30 hours non-stop. Santa Maria was a totally different island if compared to the rest we saw. Much dryer and sunny! At last we saw that big bright yellow stove again.
After 3 days, at August 11, we left Santa Maria again for mainland Portugal. Not too bad a ride, as in we could sail all the way and got 850 NM done in little more than 6 days, but the seastate was terrible. Took loads of blue over the boat, never had that much in the cockpit before. Probably due the easterly waves because of the easterly winds the days before, added to the high to the wind course and the great speed. Anchored up in Alvor and stayed there for a week, recuperating.
Now we've set a leisurely pace down the coast of Portugal, at Olhao anchorage right now and planning to head for the Rio Guadiana in September. We think we deserved a holiday for a few weeks after all... :)


Current position

JoHo is on anchor between Olhao and Ilha Calutra in Portugal. Position 37°00,0' N - 07°50,4' W.
You can reach us by e-mail and +31613978926 (only if your number recognition is on though).


Wintering over on JoHo in southern Europe this year and use her as holiday address later on. We must return to the Netherlands to work again...

John and Jolanda.