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Last update July 31 2009.

After taking out the old mess called engine once we made a new appointment with my parents, as we would meet up with them in Sao Miguel halfway July. The boat without engine I didn't want to move so we booked the ferry and got in a hotel for a week, something else again. Sao Miguel was a welcome diversion and a beautiful island, which we crossed about in a rental for 4 days and had a splendid time together with mum and dad.
Top of it all we met with Edith and Renzo of the Equinox in Ponta Delgado, whom we met in Faial and were supposed to meet in Terceira on our way to Sao Miguel (that was, if the ferry would have gone where the Portugese told us it would go).

Now back in Horta again the waiting game is beginning to wear us down. Getting grumphy and mean (choose which leads to what) it really gets time the boat gets an engine and we get goin' again. Last news is that it will be here Saturday... Lets hope so.
The plan is to get to Spain/Portugal halfway August when feasible.


Current position

JoHo is in Horta Marina in the Azores. Position 38°31,8' N - 28°37,0' W.
You can reach us by e-mail and +31613978926 (only if your number recognition is on though).


Wintering over on JoHo in southern Europe this year and use her as holiday address later on. We must return to the Netherlands to work again...

John and Jolanda.