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Important INFO for all CRUISERS

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Last update April 13 2009.

We've been busy as little bees for weeks now as we prepare for our journey back to the USA. JoHo is still waiting on the hard, hopefully as we left her for more than one year. Missing the opportunity to sail every now and then, we want to bring JoHo back to Europe to use her more often.
This is our plan; we fly to Orlando Florida on april 14th were we will stay for a day. Do some shopping and drive to Moore Haven where we'll see how the boat has done. After the first inspection we know how long we need to work on her before she will be in the water. JoHo will bring us first to Bermuda were we will stop for some time to write out new cruising guide " Discover Bermuda" and enjoy the 400 year anniversary of Bermuda. There' gonna be a lot of parties and the Tall Ship display we don't want to miss...
When we have a weatherwindow we will begin out Atlantic crossing to the Azores. After arriving in the Azores we don't know yet what we'll do or go to, but we will update our website every month to share all our adverntures with everybody again.

Current position

JoHo is on land at the Glades Boat Storage in Moore Haven, Florida, USA. You can reach us on our cell phone number (001) 407-620-5187 or by mail.


We plan on sailing JoHo back to Europe in may or june this year to use her on holidays coming years.

John and Jolanda.