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Last update December 20 2008.

As we look back at 2008 I must say it is with mixed feelings. The first three months of this year we were making plans for sailing through the Caribbean. Then a lot of thing happened in a short time.
We beat the wind for almost all the way, going East to accomplice our goal. Let me tell you that is no fun at all. Then we received a message from our tenant. He had a different plan, he decided to stop renting our house and go back to England.
So after three years of sailing we went back to The Netherlands, Home Sweet Home. The first thing we did was some home and garden improvement. Wandering through our neighborhood we really enjoyed it a lot. We had been away too long. We went back to our roots, visited a museum about the old Dutch traditions. During our journey through the world we sniffed a lot of other cultures but what about out own culture. We learned a lot about life and how to live last years, we can't, don't want to cut the ties to our roots.

We quickly found jobs, but it took a while to adjust to the '-always-in-a-hurry-style' Dutch community. Boat life can be a hard life but it also has its advantages. The laid-back living for instance. You don’t find a word like stress in a boat vocabulary.
Last month we finally finished-and published our cruising guide to the Bahamas, of which we're very proud because it’s hard to have a paying job AND run your own company at the same time AND write (more exactly, finish writing) a cruising guide at the same time. Now it's on sailadventures.eu on the web, check it out!
Another marker has been the introduction of our own design RO-watermaker. Thoroughly tested on our own boat and we were very happy with the results. Now available for all. So if you are interested in this low-price-high-output watermaker, go to sailadventures.eu as well. We sure didn’t sit still.
Then there is the environment, a hot issue now but for us already so for years. Living on a boat learns you a lot about the environmental problems. Winds (even the typical monsoon seasons) aren't behaving the way they're written down in old almanacs, excesses are an issue that can't be ignored. John wanted to do something for the environment and started Move Green (another company, operated from Maasbommel) and tries to make a difference by importing (and selling) electric scooters.

Don't worry, working was not the only thing we did, we party! This summer we had a great 'welcome' party in our own backyard. Together with family and friends we celebrated all parties we missed in the last three years. But at these times we sorely miss all our friends we met during our journeys... Torn between worlds that is we suppose.

Now Christmas time is coming and we will spend these days with close family. That‘s what makes this time so very special, and special is that we are fortunate to have both our parents around.

For next year we have a new challenge on our program. We have drawn a plan to bring JoHo back to Europe, that is if all goes as planned. This means we'll make her ready for the crossing and actually cross the Atlantic somewhere in May-June-July of 2009.




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Current position

We're back home, Molenwegje 34, 6627KP Maasbommel, Netherlands.
JoHo is on land at the Glades Boat Storage in Moore Haven, Florida, USA.


We are done sailing around for the moment. Low on funds, so we have to work, meaning land-bound for a while. Next year we plan on sailing JoHo back to Europe.

John and Jolanda.