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Last update May 3 2008.

We're back in the Netherlands. Working our asses off (again) to fix the house (poor neglected thing) and cut the jungle around it to more decent proportions. The tenant really just used it, never looked after it (and seemingly never cleaned either, god what a mess).

After three years of play (and a bit of work) in the better climates in the world it sure is a shock to get into freezing cold, wet and nasty weather again. PLUS not moving makes me feel a bit nervy. Guess that will pass, but it will take some getting used to before I feel comfy again. Now we have to get a car again, get the bikes up and running after three years of stand-stil and find us some job (or customers that is).

Yes we do feel sorry about going back to the Netherlands and leaving all our friends behind, and yet we're happy to go back and see our family and friends again. Guess that's a feeling we will not lose for the rest of our lives. Hope to meet you again when we're back, or if you're in the neigbourhood let us know and you're more than welcome in our tiny place in Maasbommel!

Current position

We're back home, Molenwegje 34, 6627KP Maasbommel, Netherlands.
JoHo is on land at the Glades Boat Storage in Moore Haven, Florida, USA.


We are done sailing around for the moment. We have to work on land for a while.
Next years we will
use JoHo for holidays only in the Bahamas and/or Gulf of Mexico.

John and Jolanda.