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Last update April 1 2008.

It sure is no joke, we're in Fort Myers. Checked in to Miami last Friday, sailed through the week-end and now on the other side of Florida, Tuesday and a mere 250 miles away. Done it in 4 days, comfortably day-hopping and wondering why we were that lucky. Wind and probably current too, with us all the way. Smooth seas, clear skies, hell we even saw over 7 knots on the GPS for a steady half day!
Probably the Sea-Gods knew they'd had enough fun and finally let us go......

From the moment we left Georgetown, all has been in the right setting. Unknowing Jolan put herself in a chair next to the all-dutch Heineken stand in regatta-town, the weather was A-class (we wondered if we imagined we had that bad a ride down South) we had some real, real nice anchorages with secluded beaches and dito bays. One tends to enjoy most what one is about to lose.

In between the rush from Miami to the West we anchored in Key Largo on Saturday in the afternoon, to get a few things at the dollarstore, gas station and Napa. We intended to leave right away, but as we arrived we met Harry and Linda. This couple got a motorboat on a mooring on the Sunset Cove beach as second home and they spotted us when we were here in January, first with mum and dad, later with the Slapdashes. Didn't have time to change more than a few words then and they wanted to take the opportunity to get to know us a bit better before we'd leave. So we had a small party aboard JoHo.
What a way of living this is.

The last step in our adventure of the last years is going to be the 50 miles to Glades Boat Storage where JoHo will be hauled out. A place in the middle of nowhere, right in the centre of Florida, where lots of boats and RV's are stored. We got this info from Hans, (see old news February 1st 2008) and it's so local a place, as a foreigner ('alien' they call us here) you'd never find it. Hopefully the storage offers a bit of protection against hurricanes.

Current position

Cape Coral, Florida. JoHo is at anchor in about 2 metres sand and mud.
Position is 26°33,2' N - 81°56,1' W.


We are done with the process of dressing up and enhancing our new JoHo. All the systems work nicely.
Next years we will
use JoHo on holidays only in the Gulf of Mexico.

John and Jolanda.