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Last update Februari 01 2008.

We are on our way again, finally!
After having to wait for all the ordered stuff to come in, it took weeks and the anchorage in Key Largo was nice, but not for 4 weeks. The boat was dead quiet after the departure of mum and dad, strange how you get used to having people around. They've been on the boat for four weeks and we had a good (but at times cold) time. After their depart we made contact with Jaime and Seth, a young couple from Canada on their way into the Caribean who joined us on the Key Largo anchorage. They made the weeks of waiting bearable.

Now we're back in the Bahamas.

After a rough crossing (much more wind and more out of the North than forecasted) we hit Bimini, almost litterally. West-going wind and waves isn't exactly the best condition to approach here and we were glad to get into contact with another sailor to guide us in on VHF and give us local knowledge of the banks. This sailor turned out to be Hans, the guy that sold me the small JoHo back in '98!! The cruisers' world really is small indeed.

Next days we still had favourable winds to get further East, so we did (although Jolanda could use some rest, she was a bit white after the rough ride over the Gulfstream). Now we almost got as far as Nassau, we're in a bay 15NM West of it, waiting for a NorthEast wind to get us further down and into the Exumas. Hopefully this Sunday we get our window (as weather-guru Chris Parker promises).

Current position

West Bay 'New Providence Island' Bahamas. JoHo is at anchor in about 2 metres of white coral sand and grass bottom.
Position is 25°01,5' N - 77°32,8' W.


We are done with the process of dressing up and enhancing our new JoHo, just maintenance from now on (we hope).
Next years we will
extensively cruise the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA together and with friends and family.

Interested in sailing with us? Check out our proposal here!

John and Jolanda.