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Last update December 3 2007.

Last two weeks we celebrated Thanksgiving, we were invited by Dave and Debby at Daves' parents. Marvellous day. His parents turned out to be blue water cruisers for 14 years. In the '80's and '90's the two of them sailed the Pacific and Australia extensively, until a hurricane destroyed their boat. Still full of stories of that time it was a pleasure listening to them, in fact hearing them out for we know we will go there one day. Thanks a lot guys for the fun and the good food!

Another thing that turns out to become an issue last weeks is the dinghy davids. Or what should be the dinghy davids. It is not finished, it looks like this is going to be a problem. Mum and Dad fly in on Sunday and there doesn't seem to be any progres at all.....
I keep calling the guys but they aren't responding as I'd like to see.
Hmmmmm, let's see what we can do about this (if anything).

Meanwhile our own work is almost done, at least to the point that there won't be any inconveniences as we sail down the ICW. Small things will allways be on the list, but remember it's a boat! We look forward to my parents coming over and how they will judge our progress.

Current position

Vero Beach, Florida. JoHo is moored to a beautiful slip.
JoHo's position is 27°38,5' N - 80°22,3' W.


We are still in the process of dressing up and enhancing our new JoHo.
Next years we will
extensively cruise the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA together and with friends and family.

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JH en JG.