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Last update November 2 2007.

We had a strange month, lots of things happened and not all for the best. When we were finally checked in (the cruising permit was easy to get, but a long 20-mile walk) we decided to buy a bike, distances in this country are different then we are used to. So within three days we bought two bikes, but within two days one of the bikes got stolen. Some things are the same all over the world it seems.

After a week on anchor in North Lake Worth we decided to go to Vero Beach, where Pat and Darnell told us they could arrange a slip. We had a nice lunch and thanked Richard and Eva for their help and left Lake Worth the next day. We took the IntraCoastal Waterway up North and enjoyed the scenery of the mangroves with his wild birds (and the pretty Villa's and boats) along the channel.
When we arrived at Vero Beach we met Pat and Darnell of SY Island Dream the next day, and got a pretty heavy party and got us even trown out of a bar... second strange thing to happen (we aren't used to that, honestly).

When Eddy and Cindy came back there was another party, and Eddy had forgotten not to mix alcohol with his medicines, so he passed out. Called 911, Pat did CPR and Jolanda added her expertise. Between them they brought Eddy back and later he could walk onto the stretcher to be taken to the hospital. Third thing in the row of not again and please no more.
But worst case was still to come.
When delivering a boat to a marina my mom called, saying "something went wrong with dad and he's in ICU". Now that took me off balance, didn't expect that for they are both healthy people. Wanted to fly back to Holland, but that turned out not to be as easy as thought. The closest airport with flights to the Netherlands are Miami or Orlando, both a 4 hour drive from Vero Beach. And then to drive, eh you need a car right.
Pat helped us out and gave us the keys to his truck, Jolanda searched the Net for a flight and the next day at 06:00 we were running for the airport when mom called to say dad got much better the last hours. She told me to save the effort and later that day I could call dad (still on ICU, isn't that amazing).

Now dad is back home, he just got released from hospital and is doing fine. Mom and dad will be coming to us in December, as planned and we'll try to have the boat ready (polished, shining and like brand-spanking new) when tey come.

Some pictures of this month, for the whole album click here or go to the Journals-pages and click on the camera.

Current position

Vero Beach, Florida. JoHo is moored to a beautiful slip.
JoHo's position is 27°38,5' N - 80°22,3' W.


We are still in the process of dressing up and enhancing our new JoHo.
Next years we will
extensively cruise the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA together and with friends and family.

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JH en JG.