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Last update October 1 2007.

Hi y'all, we made it back to the USA.

After trying to get our Visa in Nassau the end of August, ending up only with an appointment in four weeks time, we turned back to Marsh Harbour to enjoy some time with our friends there. We knew a lot of nice people were here and love the place better than Nassau. Next weeks we worked a bit on the interior of the boat to be able to accomodate guests, had a lot of party-time, did the Great Guana "Grabbers" experience with Pat and Darnell and Cindy and Eddie. Which we came to know that it only hurts the day(s) after.....
We learned to know more about the US and its history from Kevin and Karen of SY Windigo, got our 'homie' Nick coming over frequently (always with rum-cola) and we got lessons in Southern American slang from Pat and Darnell, which now we try to practice every now and then. Then, leaving Marsh Harbour halfway September the exhaust pipe broke at the joint with the seawater-inlet which we found out when we anchored at Man-O-War cay. What a mess, my toolshed thoroughly messed up, everything wet and smokey-black. Pat and Darnell on SY Island Dream were so good to tow us back to Marsh Harbour the next day. Got it fixed in a day but the salt water done a lot of damage to my tools. We set out to Nassau the next day, not to miss our appointment at the US ambassy.

The end of September we finally got the Visa sorted out in Nassau (getting one there as none-residents really surprised the immigration officer here in the States) we said goodbye to Jenny and Paul of SY Irise we met at the anchorplace at the Green Parrot and left Nassau to get to the Grand Bahamas Bank.
We had a lot of wind, saw 4 watersprouts (of which the last one too close to be comfortable, scary really to see the water being sucked up into a spiral of wind going up into the menacing dark clouds), and we got in Bimini after 20 hours. Dropped the hook to wait out the weather and rest a bit, left again after a few hours when it was getting North-East and the anchorage became untennable.
About the passage through the Gulfstream...
Well, we kind of laughed away the people saying "never underestimate the passages through the Ocean" on the Abaco net (VHF 68). We were foolish to think we saw it all and knew better. It DOES get VERY annoying here in high winds against the prevailing current, and we're totally convinced that it even can get dangerous. We only got 25 knots from the North-East and about 3 meter waves, but you won't hear us laugh about it anymore.

Checking in was simple, but wouldn't heve been so if it wasn't for Rich and Eva who picked us up and brought us to the immigration office at the international airport on Sunday. The Port Office is closed in week-ends and we had to check in within 24 hours. Our advise is never to arrive here on a Friday or Saturday, but we couldn't have done else. Now we will go up the Inter Coastal Waterway to Vero Beach, were we will re-unite with Pat and Darnell (SY Island Dream) and Cindy and Eddie (SY Cyrano). JoHo will be further outfitted there to cruise around the Caribbean waters more comfortable.

Picture gallery of September will be on the net in a few days, as the Dutch journal will be. Enjoy your reading.

Current position

North Lake Worth, Florida. On anchor in around 5 meters of water, sticky mud.
JoHo's position is 26°45,2' N - 80°02,8' W.


We are still in the process of dressing up and enhancing our new JoHo.
Next years we will
extensively cruise the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA together and with friends and family.

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JH en JG.