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Last update August 29 2007.

SORRY SORRY for the long long wait for this English update. After the last time in Marsh Harbour lots of things have come across and I really didn't feel like writing at the time, just too busy with other things. We worked our assses off since last update (June 13) and we wouldn't have been able to do what we did without Richard Arnold, the owner of Hog Cay. The use of his private dock and facilities proved invaluable for building a hood for the boat.
And as all of you know, JoHo without hood is as the Dutch queen Beatrix without hat......

After saying goodbye to Rich and Eva August 5th, we slowly sailed to Marsh Harbour to stock up again and to get our Visa straightened out to go to the US. For in the US we want to get the boat properly outfitted for the extended Caribean Cruising we have in mind for the next years. Now to obtain that required Visa really turns out to be quite an event, at least getting an appointment for it is.
First you have to buy a scratchcard (?!), with the number revealed on that you can call a telephone number in Mexico (!?!) to make an appointment in the US ambassy in Nassau. Furthermore you need to fill out 5 pages of questions as a male, for Jolanda 4 pages as she is a female (.....!?!) of which some seem quite ridiculous (are you entering the US to involve in a terrorist act....) or ill-befitting.
The 'open door with protected border"-policy gives me the feeling that we're not welcome at all. Pity, for we met a lot of Americans here in the Bahamas who gave us the opposite feeling. Then again, most of them didn't know anything about (the depth of) these procedures.

As we are in Nassau we find it pleasant enough (specially thanks to the Green Parrot and its staff). Picture galleries till July have been on the web for a while now, the August gallery and Dutch journal will come soon. Enjoy your reading.

Current position

Nassau, Bahamas. On anchor in front of the new Green Parrot Bar (which is great, good food and friendly people AND free WiFi) in around 3 meters of water, sand and coral.
JoHo's position is 25°04,7' N - 77°19,7' W.


We are in the process of dressing up and enhancing our new JoHo.
Next years we will
extensively cruise the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA together and with friends and family.

JH en JG.