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Last update February 10 2007.

Hello again to all of you. We're back in civilization after more then two months.

Popped up in the Seychelles after all.

Early December we left Gan for Foammulah (a bit up in the Maldives) first, but winds changed were so unfavourably that we decided to go to Chagos right away. We enjoyed the Maldives so much that we'll write a pilot about it. Look for it on SailAdventures, we expect it ready around May or June.

The trip to Chagos took us over a week (and that for only 282 miles, a new ATL...). No wind at all after day 1 and 1.5 knots current from the SW (on the bloody nose) all the time. The Salomon islands were quite worth it though and we met some very nice people there. Keith and Diane of S/Y Lady Guinnevere sure showed us some real 'yachtie stuff'. This is what we expected life like when we set off two years ago.
Unfortunately the Chagos islands will get VERY expensive as from April 1 2007 the fee goes up from 100USD for 3 months to 100Sterling a month.

We enjoyed the Salomon Islands for six weeks before leaving NOT to Indonesia but to the Seychelles as initially planned. Indonesia got such a bad rating from every yachtie we've met, many of them having been or around there recently that it didn't appear to us anymore. Added to that the 'road' to there was supposedly just as bad (except for that damn current then) but twice as long, so we decided to go West.
The sail to the Seychelles wasn't exactly the best we ever had. Day 1 and 2 were fine, we did 150Nm but after that we hit something BIG, BAD and UGLY. Pitch-dark nights and days not much better, rain rain and more endless rain. But worst of all veryvery strong winds 30-40kts consistent and fierce gusts, all of it mostly from NW (our direction) and a rough seastate with it. After 8 days we were less than 200Nm from starting point, frustrated. Then all of a sudden the weather changed like that and from day 9 to 18 we had little to no wind at all and only the 1.5kts current agains us. We were certainly remembered that we are in the ITC for sure...
Arrival in the Seychelles was smooth and very gentle. We sure got used to worse on our way down here. Methinks we will stay awhile, getting our act together again and check out the beauties of these faraway islands.
We're still too late to go on to South Africa right now anyway, which means we'll have to linger around a bit untill September.

Dutch updates and picture galleries of December and January have been put on the web now too, enjoy your reading.

Current position

At anchor in the Victoria Harbour at 4 meters depth (LW).
JoHo's position is 04°37,6' S - 55°27,4' E.


Well we are in the Seychelles now and don't have any fixed plans. We probably go on to Madagascar and South Afrika in the right time of year (October-November) and cruise the Eastern African coast in the mean time.
We will go back to the Netherlands somewhere, maybe in between. Maybe back to the old routine and happy work again. We'll see :-).

JH en JG.