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Last update December 3 2006.

At this moment we are in Gan (Addu Atoll) preparing for Chagos. Gan is not what we expected it to be, but as Jolanda says we might be spoiled by the rest of the Maldives. People are nice anyway and help us out with the things we need, except for the (too strict) officials.
The engineparts needed could be arranged in no time and JoHo is stocked up in 2 hours.... We can go for the pitstop-contest for sailboatpreparation on a long voyage when this is held.... :-)

Weather changed a bit, it looks more stable and we want to go to one small island back (Foammulah), but it seems that winds are favorite to go to Chagos right now. We'll see where to when we go out.
The mean time we're too late to go on to South Africa right now, which means we have to wait somewhere in the Seychelles or E-Africa till September next year or go somewhere else. Added to that we'd like to see a bit of the far east in that time instead of waiting in the Eastern part of Africa. Also we enjoyed the Maldives so much that we decided to go to Indonesia and return here next year if we sail on.

Dutch update and picture gallery up to November have been put on the web, probably the next update and December or even January gallaries will be put much later due poor communication in the parts of the world that we go to now. Saying this, year-end and beginning of 2007 will probably pass by this site unnoticed.


We look back on a stormy year and will make plans for next year in a serene environment. Hopefully this leads to a better year.

Current position

At anchor in the Gan lagoon at 6 meters depth.
JoHo's position is 00°41,2' S - 73°08,6' E.


The next month we'll spend in the Chagos Islands. After that we sail on to Indonesia. Plans are to return to the Maldives early in the year and go to the Seychelles and on to Madagascar and South Afrika in the right time of year (October-November).

We will go back to the Netherlands somewhere, maybe in between. Back to the old routine and happy work again.

JH en JG.