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Last update October 6 2006.

We are in the Maldives. Finally after working our asses off for the last few weeks. JoHo turned into a mess, for we had water coming in from the deck. Got some leakage around the grips. Amazing how much water could get in. Had to refurb most of the upholstry, redo much wiring and renew electronics....... No fun at all, for all of this had been renewed in Turkey about a year ago.
Took quite some effort and we're still not done yet for we HAD to leave India before October 2nd. Visa expired and cannot be renewed in the country itself, silly as it is, so we roughly had 2 weeks and some things simply couldn't be done in such short period of time. Hoping the best about sturdy JoHo though, we took the chance and left last week. We decided to go to Uligan, the most Northerly island of the Maldives and an official Port of entry, despite the info on noonsite.

Arriving in Uligan was like arriving in paradise. The info on noonsite was wrong, the check-in was easy and the officials very friendly and helpful. Even more than that. Thanks to Niyaz, the immigration officer on the island we are able to upload this website, for there is no cybercafe or WiFi on this island with only around 250 inhabitants. We were also invited to dinner with him and his family, he arranged help for my technical problems and more. I must say they are a very hospitable lot here on Uligan. As this keeps up in the whole of the Maldives, this certainly is paradise. We even have some pictures for you besides our normal album.

Now for diving we haven't got the opportunity yet, but snorkelling is good already.
The coral has nice colors and the marine life is abundant either. The first days dolphins were fishing next to our boat. I sure hope next time we have the opportunity to get in the water with them. What I see here is a colourfull and rich diving world.

No rain of importance and a much drier climate add to the 'healing' of our little ship. We're busy working on her in a slow pace, enjoying the richness of these surroundings and the people living in it.
Slowly but surely we'll come to rest and find peace again.

Current position

At anchor on the South-West side of Uligan at 5 meters depth..
JoHo's position is 07°04,5' N - 72°55,9' E.


The next months we'll sail with JoHo through the Maldives and visit the Chagos Archipelago. After that we don't know yet. First we have to repair JoHo for she's got bugs in the wooden baulks. If this can be fixed, next stop might be the Seychelles and then on to Madagascar and perhaps even to South Afrika.

We will go back to the Netherlands eventually, back to the old routine and happy work again.

JH en JG.