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Last update September 8 2006.

Now we have taken the decision to go out and sail again, we feel relieved and keyed up at the same time. It occurs to me now that we're about to visit the utter top-ten on my personal list of 'have-to-see-once-in-my-life' places, MALDIVES, CHAGOS and even perhaps the SEYCHELLES.

Not that it wasn't fun what we did last year, but organizing the rally was hard work. And for diving the Red Sea, well as far as I'm concerned it was not as good as expected. It might be that I'm a bit prejudiced, living in divers' paradise for three years, but it really is not half as beautifull as diving Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles).
The coral has weak colors and the marine life is not half as abundant either. I sure hope next months we get what the glossy brochures promises, a colourfull and rich diving world.

To enter the Maldives we need to go to Male directly. There have been cases of drug-smuggling lately and therefore it's not allowed to enter the Islands on another place, higher up. There are severe penalties to it, so better to obey the rules here!
Also we will get plenty of rainfall now, for next months are the wettest for these islands.

As for this moment my concern goes to the boat, what will we find when we're back in Panjim, Goa. Will we only have to clean her or build her up again. What has the wet season done to our faithfull little schip. Well, few days more and we will know, September 12 we head for India....

Current position

We are tied up at the pontoons of Drishti Marina Goa for the monsoon season, which we helped develop here. JoHo's position is 15°29,7' N - 73°47,4' E and will be so for few more weeks.


The end of September we'll sail JoHo from India to the Maldives, visit the Chagos Archipelago, Seychelles, Madagascar and perhaps even go to South Afrika.

Then we will go back to the Netherlands in the first half of 2007, back to the old routine and happy work again.

JH en JG.