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Last update August 2 2006.

And there is news indeed.

We've been out to Alvor, Portugal with our little caravan to meet our good friends Jozef and Karin from s/y Tanami. On our way back from this farewell trip we met two french former rally-participants in their house in Grasse (South of France).
Charles and Monique of sailing yacht Iris, who saw their boat with all their possesions destroyed in minutes by fire during our rally 2005-2006. This happened in front of the Eritrean coast. Charles and Monique miraculously escaped this inferno and we were happy to be able to embrace them and talk about their misfortune, their present life and their future plans. It looks like they will be sailing again later this year.

There is some news about our rally as well. We planned our RED SEA RALLY in May this year in the supposition that we were the only ones organizing such an event. As it seems now there will be more than one, on the same route and at the same time that is.
Competing in this marginal business is not in our interest, we'll change the business plan for SailAdventures.
We stop with the organisation of our rally, for there are enough alternatives. For those interested, keep on lookin' at our business-site of SailAdventures.

Now we can turn our attention to our next plans to the fullest and keep you posted here of our private adventures.. :-).
We intent to enjoy the Maldives, Chagos and Seychelles in the next few months, leaving India behind. Our flight back to India is due September 12th and we hope to be sailing again the end of September.
We fancy our next sail although it's a bit shorter than planned, but life's full of surprises, who knows what will be next!

As for SailAdventures well, we'll think of something else to do.
Something that we will enjoy better.

Current position

We are tied up at the pontoons of Drishti Marina Goa for the monsoon season, which we helped develop here. JoHo's position is 15°29,7' N - 73°47,4' E and will be so for two more months.


We co-organised the First Vasco da Gama Yach Rally 2005-2006, which brought us to a diversity of countries in the Red Sea on the way to India. We did see and learn a lot indeed........

May till September we will be stuck in Panjim, India because of the South-West monsoon. This gives us time to fly back home and maybe explore India a bit. September
2006 we will go further with JoHo from India to the Maldives, visit the Chagos Archipelago, Seychelles, Madagascar and perhaps even go to South Afrika.

Then we will go back to the Netherlands in the first half of 2007, back to the old routine and happy work again.

JH en JG.