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Last update June 27 2006.

As we are a few days before the end of this month, and Jolanda even didn't have her Dutch update ready yet, I still felt I had to write something down. What happened? Well, as we are with our good friends of the Tanami in the South of Spain having a good time we got a mail of our 'old friend' Lo, now seemingly bitter enemy as he threatened us with a lawsuit. Why? HE has registered the name Vasco da Gama Yacht Rally and now apparently doesn't even want us to mention it.......
Meanwhile insolently publishing a blunt copy of OUR work on his site!!!

Now we regret fully that we bent (again) for his pressure to end the rally in Panjim, for he changed his mind (again) and carries on to Cochin anyway. Also he is smearing our names in public on his site, for we were busy organising a next rally for months!?! Nonsense for we were working on the evaluation. Also we were busy defending the bad decisions he made and had to come up with a defence which didn't suit us and didn't do us any good. Further more we had some good ideas for improvement by listening and talking to people gathering a lot of valuable tips and positive criticism that we want to use instead of rebuking it.
Probably he will use the work we did there for his next rally as well.

Twisting of facts and words will not lead us off course. Casting aspersions on our names will only strengthen us in reaching our goal. We are done defending policy we don't want. We want to organise the next rally for the marvels of the Red Sea are too beautiful to pass by as we did. Scharrel and Markoen where right in this. Our schedule is less exhaustive in the formal part, more emphasised on the natural joy and certainly more feasible.
We care for the people, not for fame.

For more info about the RED SEA RALLY see our rally-website and press the ''news'' button.

Current position

We are tied up at the pontoons of Drishti Marina Goa for the monsoon season, which we helped develop here. JoHo's position is 15°29,7' N - 73°47,4' E and will be so for three more months.


We organised the First Vasco da Gama Yach Rally 2005-2006, which brought us to a diversity of countries in the Red Sea on the way to India. We are arranging another rally, the RED SEA RALLY which will be held in winter 2007-2008.
Detailled information can be found on www.redsearally.com

May till September we will be stuck in Panjim, India because of the South-West monsoon. This gives us time to fly back home and later explore India (by train, car, bike, ...?).
2006 we will go further with JoHo from India to the Maldives, visit the Chagos Archipelago, Seychelles, Madagascar and South Afrika.

When we still have time and money left we go by St.Helena and Carribean back to the Netherlands, but we always might sell the boat somewhere along the way........

JH en JG.