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Last update May 2 2006.

Damn.... the engine stopped. Starting it preparing for take of on April 6, it quit working after five minutes. Turned out to be salt in the tank, pump, in short the whole system. Pressure pump had to be revised, lot of work and more than half of the rally gone off to Bombay, we were afraid getting stuck in Salalah (nightmare scenario!!).
But there were friends who helped us out, thanks to John and Ben of Kekeni but most of all Amin we ran from Salalah on April 7th, the next day! John helped in getting the pump out, Ben knew a guy here called Amin who really could get things going, we should have met him earlier for he turned out to be an agent as well...

After 10 days of low winds and burning over 300 liters of diesel we finally arrived in Bombay on April 17 at midnight, totally relaxed. We got time to do all kinds of jobs on the boat, to read, to repair etcetera on our way. We really had a fantastic crossing, but a bit boring. Where others have seen a lot of boats and animal life we've seen only few vessels and only a few dolphins. The engine kept on running as new, so that was a relief.
Bombay or Mumbai turned out to be a fantastic experience, nice people, bustling city, wonderfull alive. H2O turned out to be an excellent host, although the marina in Panjim, Goa turned out not to be ready yet which caused a bit of a stir.

From Bombay to Panjim we had a race organised by H2O. This turned out to be an amateur initiative which certainly has to grow to reach rally potention, but there's a start to everything and it's the first sailing race in India in which an international field of boats is involved.
Arriving in Panjim at last we had to help the people of H2O and the Drishti Marina management to really pull the marina off. Cees from 'Lyra' had the best idea for putting the pontoons in and according to his plan the marina took shape. At this moment we are pleasantly moored alongside the pontoon directly in the centre of the town.

For more info about the rally see our rally-website and press the ''news'' button. For stories of the other boats, press the ''organisation'' button and click on the boats which have their own site.


Last news is sad news. One of our 'crewmembers' Grover had to be put to rest, he got an injection from the local veterinary.
Grover has been sick for a long time and we expected he would die of natural cause somewhere along the way, but he stayed alive untill life became unbearable. We know we have done everything to make his life comfortable and of high quality, nevertheless it stays a very difficult decision to make.

Grover was a fine cat, always nice to other animals and never in a grumpy mood. We mis him


Current position

We tied up at the pontoons of Drishti Marina Goa, which we helped develop here. It's the first marina in India. Our position is 15°29,7' N - 73°47,4' E and will be so for many months.


We organised the First Vasco da Gama Yach Rally 2005-2006, which brought us to a diversity of countries in the Red Sea on the way to India. If there is enough interest from sponsors we will arrange a second edition in 2007-2008 herewith starting our own small business.
Detailled information can be found on www.redsearally.com.

May till September we will be stuck in Panjim, India because of the South-West monsoon. This gives us time to fly back home and later explore India (by train, car, bike, ...?).

2006 we will go further with JoHo from India to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Maleisia. We hope to get to Hong Kong and in Beijing in time for the games. After that it will be Japan in 2008/2009.
The plan to go from then and there on to Alaska and Canada, to the USA, and then down to Mexico, Costa Rica and by Galapagos through the Pacific Islands back again is under revision. Probably we'll opt for a shorter route to New Zealand and Australia.
On our way back we will visit the Chagos Archipelago, Seychelles, Madagascar and South Afrika.

When we still have time and money left we go by St.Helena and Carribean back to the Netherlands, but we always might sell the boat somewhere along the way........

JH en JG.