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Last update Januari 24 2006.

We left Eilat on January 7, having a good 20 knots wind from the North-East. So when we were checked into Egypt I decided we would go on to the strait of Tiran, where the others stayed in Taba Height Marina. We sailed much too fast, wind picked up to 30+knots on the way so we had to stop over in Dahab not to reach Tiran in the dark. That made Jolan happy, for we got a good night's rest. Officials got to our boat within 2 minutes of ankering out (at 01:30 at night!), a record and this underlines how neuroticly tight the Egyptians are about 'security'.
Next day/after 8 hours we sailed on, through Tiran and into the night to for we wanted to reach the other shore at daylight because of the lightfall on the coralreefs. Well, we sure got there in time on a broad reach from the North-West of over 40 knots. We even got gusts of 60+..... Lost of foam but no 'big' seas, at least not what one would expect in this weather.

Next days we spent anchored out in Ras Abu Soma, nice place but a chilling Northerly wind, making it just over 20°C. From there we went to El Quesier and Ras Thoronby, to arrive in Port Ghalib on January 15. Now that was a warm welcome again, as in Tala Bay. One big difference though, this resort is interested in hosting the rally AND in sponsoring future events to get a yachting scene going in Egypt. This might be a business opportunity for us, and sure is good for all Med-cruisers for the winter here is much better than in the Med.
An impression can be found on the news page of the Vasco da Gama Yacht Rally.

Now we said goodbye again in Port Ghalib, we go straight to the Sudan. This is the last time we can upload the full website with photo-album et cetera, next two months it will probably only be this newsflash that we upload, for all communications will go by satphone then (slow and very expensive).
As compensation we'll try to do this a bit more frequent.

For more info about the rally see our rally-website and press the ''news'' button. For stories of the other boats, press the ''organisation'' button and click on the boats wich have an own site.

Current position

We're in Marsa Alam at anchor, position 25°04,9' N - 34°53,6' E.


We organise the Vasco da Gama Yach Rally 2005-2006, which brings us to a diversity of countries in the Red Sea on the way to India.
Detailled information can be found on www.redsearally.com.

We hope to arrive in Salalah, Oman somewhere in March 2006, where we will put JoHo on the hard-stand for a year. April 2006 till December 2006 we'll bring the Thalassa from Salalah (Oman) via Maldives, Chagos, Seychelles and Madagascar to Port Elisabeth (South Africa) as delivery-skippers.

2007 we will go further with JoHo from India to the Sri Lanka, Thailand and Maleisia. We hope to get in Hong Kong and Japan in 2008/2009.
From then and there on we want to sail from Alaska and Canada to the USA, and then down to Mexico, Costa Rica and by Galapagos through the Pacific Islands back again. Eventually we want to get to New Zealand and Australia. On our way back we will visit the Chagos Archipelago, Seychelles, Madagascar and South Afrika again.

When we still have time and money left we go by St.Helena and Carribean back to the Netherlands, or we might sell the boat somewhere on the way........

JH en JG.