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Last update Oktober 29 2005.

After a month of anchoring out in Kekova we're back in Finike again. But this time for last (at least for years to come). All jobs are done, we do need to stock up after a month of living on the boat's supplies. Also we need some new spare parts, used in the jobs done.
It's quite hectic, provisioning the boat and meanwhile re-arranging the boat for captains' orders are that our two mountainbikes have to go along (no foldable bikes, the real stuff mind you). Quite a challenge.

In Finike there are 20 boats of the rally present at this time, with a total of 44 persons aboard. Three boats who were on the list for Finike haven't shown up (yet?), but departure is due tomorrow. In Port Said 8 more boats (12 persons) will join us, which almost completes the group.

We're looking forward to the adventure of the rally hope to sail like shown below.

Picture taken by Anastasia, thanks to Pete and March.

Current position

We're in Finike Setur Marina at this moment, position 36°17,6' N - 30°09,0' E.


From now on we will lead the Vasco da Gama Yach Rally 2005-2006.
This rally which we organised together with Lo Brust from 'Mistral' will visit a diversity of countries in the Red Sea and on the way to India.
Detailled information on www.redsearally.com.

We hope to arrive in India somewhere in March 2006. June till September 2006 we'll explore the mainlands of India while it is impossible to sail because of the South-West monsoon.
2006 we will go from India to the Maldives, Thailand and Maleisia.

We hope to get in Hong Kong and Japan in 2008/2009.
From then and there on we want to sail from Alaska and Canada to the USA, and then down to Mexico, Costa Rica and by Galapagos through the Pacific Islands back again. Eventually we want to get to New Zealand and Australia. On our way back we will visit the Chagos Archipelago, Seychelles, Madagascar, South Afrika.

When we still have time and money left we go by St.Helena and Carribean back to the Netherlands, or we might sell the boat somewhere on the way........

JH en JG.