Last update May 2 2005.

We're done working (at least for the moment) and ready to go. But before we go we have to get a new so-called transit log. Just been at the office and it seems that we have to arrange a thing or two for these papers. The Turks changed the procedures a bit and we have to play by the new rules, which means we have to get the boat out of customs' custody.... Sounds bad but the marina helps us out, so that shouldn't be too big a problem.

If everything is arranged we'll be on our way to Kekova in a few days. Spending some time on anchor and sailing through the islands there. A nice way to see whether everything works as expected. Second week of May we'll be back in Finike to fix (minor) problems and prepare the coming of my parents. Jolanda prepared some tours already, we'll go sight-seeing the surroundings of Finike by car, mount olympus, chimaera, phasaelis etcetera. Sounds good to me, I hope mum and dad will like it as well...

We're not sure what we'll do after that, on our way to Cyprus or to the Greek Isles. Horrible decissions to make.....

JoHo in the water, on the pontoon and surroundings, more pictures in our April 2005 album.

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Vasco da Gama Yacht Rally

We're asked by Lodewijk Brust of S/Y Mistral to help setting up a Turkey-India rally. Departure is planned in October 2005, and a lot has to be arranged before that time.
The limit of 30 participating boats has been met already, but there's a waiting list. Feel free to inform or enlist when interested. Questions can be mailed to us, or have a look at the site Jolanda has built for the Rally.

Current position

We're at Finike marina at this moment, position 36 17' N - 30 09' E.


From Turkey we'll leave for the Pacific. First we will join the Med-India rally (which we help organise) and visit a diversity of countries at the Red Sea and on the way to India. Detailled information on

Next we will go from Cochin (India) to Maledives, Thailand, Maleisia, Hong Kong, Japan (if we get there, Philipines might be a better option...). From there on it's not yet clear how exactly, but we want to go down to get to New Zealand eventually.
On the way back we want to see Australia, Chagos, Seychelles, Madagascar, South Afrika.

When we still have time and money left we go by St.Helena and Carribean back to the Netherlands, or we might sell the boat somewhere on the way........

JH en JG.